Pro Tips From Local Chefs

To celebrate the launch of the QC Kitchen app, we reached out to some local chefs for their best advice. Chef Greg Collier is one of those who got back to us. He opened Leah and Louise and has been in our kitchen before.

Chef Greg’s tip:¬†

  • Use salt and acid for seasoning. Using lemon juice (or a nice vinegar) and salt to season soups brings the flavor level up a bit.


Chef Jill Aker-Ray also shared some tips with us, you guys know Jill from cooking segments both at her home and here in our kitchen.

Chef Jill’s tip:

  • a sharp knife is crucial.
  • Chef Jill also recommending using a knife steel after each use and always clean by hand, never in the dishwasher, and never use a glass cutting board.
  • She also recommends handling your produce once by prepping/dicing/slicing and putting it into containers when you bring groceries home. This will save you time and money.
  • And finally, she says to freeze your milk. Chef Jill says it lasts much longer once thawed and you can always have milk on hand. It defrosts perfectly and comes out as creamy and smooth as the original.

Be sure to check out more kitchen tips and recipes on the QC Kitchen app. It is free on the Apple app store. It is coming soon for Android.

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