Reaction To North Carolina’s School Plan

NCAE local president reacts to North Carolina's school plan.

The decision for South Carolina schools is down. Governor Henry McMaster says parents will be able to choose between sending their students to school 5 days a week or remote learning. The Governor says the time away from teachers and peers has hurt children’s learning. He wants school districts to submit plans for in-class and remote options. Governor McMaster argued that remote learning does not work for everyone. He also says he is worried about students the state has lost contact with.

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s Governor says schools will reopen this fall with a mix of in-person and online learning. That is the recommendation but it is up to school districts to decide how to do that best. We wanted to get some reaction to the Governor’s decision. The North Carolina Association of Educators represents educators, administrators, retired teachers, and more. Lawrence Brinson is the area President for Charlotte Mecklenburg. He joined us on QC@3 with his thoughts. Lawrence says he does want students back in the classroom, but ultimately the goal is to keep educators and students safe when schools reopen. Lawrence also says a lot of these plans look good on paper but it’s all about execution.

Here are some of the rules set in place for when schools reopen:

  • All students, teachers, and staff have to wear masks and remain 6 feet distanced.
  • Schools will limit how many people are in the building at all times.
  • Symptom screenings will take place daily and schools must create a way to isolate students who have symptoms.