You can use recycled grocery bags to wrap Christmas gifts – Here’s how.


Christmas is almost here! And if you’re anything like me, you always wait until the last minute to wrap any gifts for anyone. Even if you’re on it and have everything good-to-go before the big day, Kristen Stewart, Owner of Three Little Birds in Charlotte, gave us some expert advice with quick-wrapping tips for those Christmas gifts.

Here are a couple of smart repurposing ideas using paper and plastic bags that will help make holiday prep a little less stressful and also creative!

Tip #1: Reuse paper grocery bags with holiday designs as gift wrap 

Stores like Trader Joe’s have decked out their shopping bags with fun holiday prints that make a great alternative to the traditional wrap – and you’re recycling! Deconstruct the bag and you’ve got a little paper that will go a long way with your Christmas gifts this season.

Kristen Stewart with Three Little Birds shows how to repurpose a Trader Joe’s grocery bag, Source: QC Life

Tip #2: Repurpose plastic shopping bags to make bows for gifts and for bottles

Want to gift wine but don’t want to deal with a bag or box? A simple solution is to use a plastic bag, like the ones from Target (You know them!), to help add a little something extra to a smaller gift. They go great on bags too!

Christmas gift wrapping
Kristen Stewart shows how to craft a bow out of a plastic shopping bag

There you go! Two creative ways to upgrade your gift-game this holiday season while also recycling.

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