Rock Hill Celebrates Juneteenth Virtually

Educate and celebrate with Rock Hill's virtual Juneteenth celebration!

Today is Juneteenth! 155 years since the last slaves were freed in Galveston, Texas. Every year, communities and organizations across the country celebrate with different events. And while we’re still celebrating, those celebrations look a lot different this year. We sat down with Seberina Myles, a board member for Juneteenth Rock Hill to talk about how their town is celebrating. Seberina tells us Mt. Prospect Baptist Church started the Juneteenth celebrations in Rock Hill, but five years ago the church had members that created a board which partnered with the city to start a celebration with everyone in Rock Hill. They had food trucks, vendors, music, and different performers. Seberina says it was fun for the whole family. This year’s celebrations will be a little bit different due to COVID. Tonight at 7pm, they will have a commemorative celebration virtually.