Rosemary Honey Offers Student Celebration Gift Boxes

This Charlotte Bakery creates celebration boxes for milestones

Do you know a child in need of a celebration? A local baker is sharing joy and inspiration  packed in a celebration box!  Sonya Caldwell is the General Manager of Rosemary Honey LLC, a Charlotte-based bakery.

Sonya is packing up free Student Celebration Gift Boxes filled with assorted fresh baked cookies for local students longing for a celebration.  The boxes are designed for kids who are unable to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and other milestones due to the pandemic and family challenges. 

Now, well wishers can either donate funds or  send a free celebration gift box to a child of choice. Sonya hopes the effort will put a smile on children’s faces throughout the Charlotte area. Rosemary Honey created a GoFundMe to support the effort. Once the requests come in, Sonya and her team will go to work, whipping up a selection of  delectable cookies.  The boxes cost about $5.00 to send, and Sonya says all proceeds go toward the venture. Dietary requests are accepted.