Your child’s school backpack: The do’s and don’ts 101

It is no secret that if not worn properly backpacks can create back problems for children and adults. Health experts say if your child’s school backpack is worn incorrectly, the weight can put excess stress on the spine and the nervous system.

But did you know that the material of your child’s school backpack and the width of the straps matter?

Dr. Ian Orr with Collective Chiropractic joined the QC Morning team to talk about the right ways to not only wear a backpack but to pack your child’s backpack, as well.

Did you also know the total weight of your child’s bag should only be 10-15% of their body weight?

Dr. Orr says that’s important and so are those extra chest and waist straps on your bag and a bag’s multiple compartments.

Check out the interview above as he explains why, as well as what happens to the body if there’s too much stress!

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