Sleep with your phone next to the bed? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

For some, it’s the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they check before bed. For others, it’s an alarm clock. No matter how you use it, there’s one device that always keeps us plugged in – our phone. On top of feeling too connected, sometimes we often find ourselves distracted and our minds muddied by junk and stress. Self-care is important!

So, how can we become more aware and remind ourselves when we should focus a little on ourselves? Today we’re talking self-care that’s all about you! Our expert Holly Hughes, author and Intuitive Energy Healer, shares a few tips that can help our daily routine and overall life.

Tip #1: It’s okay to be tired 

Sometimes you may feel tired but you may not actually take the time to rest. Holly says it’s okay to be tired and own how you are feeling. Get that sleep! You deserve it.

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Tip #2: Unplugging means not sleeping with your phone next to the bed

Focusing on yourself means distancing yourself from distractions. And a big distraction we get too plugged into is our phone! Holly says move your devices away from where you always are. Enjoy your TV-time, family living room time, and your sleep time without your phone. Do not sleep with your phone on your bedside table. Unplugging helps the mind slow down and prioritize what is actually important to us.

Tip #3: Enjoy your morning coffee in a mindful way

Start your day in a more peaceful way… Take the first three sips of your morning coffee by a window with your face in the sun without your phone. Take time to have quiet time by yourself.

“Remember who you are,” Holly says. “Nurture who you are as a person, and then see what you want for your life at that point.”

Helping to define yourself in your own terms is something Holly covers in her upcoming book “Real, Not Perfect: How to Become Your Happy, Authentic Self.”

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