Showmars introduces new ‘Grocery Essentials’ program

Realizing a need in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Showmars is introducing an online marketplace as a resource for families during these times. Showmars Grocery Essentials Program is a new resource making it easy to purchase essential grocery items like one would at a store. Finding everyday items and supplies has become increasingly difficult over the past few months, with grocery chains facing challenges of keeping items in stock.

Showmars Grocery Essentials Program

With the Grocery Essentials Program, Showmars will sell products like chicken, milk, paper products, and more. According to the restaurant chain, once ordered online, premium, bulk products are delivered right to your door by a Showmars employee – contact-free.

On their site, you’ll be able to find everything from 10-pound bags of chicken, milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables, to free items like pints of fruit, 5-pound bags of tater tots, and more.

Showmars Grocery Essentials Program

The company is also working with local restaurants like Pasta and Provisions, The Dumpling Lady, and Local Loaf Bakery by including their wholesale products on the site for purchase.

Zach and Matthew Zitsos with Showmars say, “We had to make some very difficult decisions over the last month and a half, and we still don’t know what our ‘new normal’ will look like. With that said, we’ve also seen instances like the the Grocery Essential Program, where our team has pulled together in ways we never thought possible. Under normal circumstances, a concept of this kind may have taken months, even a year to iron out. We pulled this program together in a month’s time, which is an incredible feat.”

Showmars is just one of the companies that worked quickly to find a solution to help others, along with their business and employees, so that they could survive the crisis situation.

Showmars Grocery Essentials Program