Squashing Four Coronavirus Myths

True or False: Hand dryers kill the Coronavirus

We want to continue to update you about the Coronavirus, so that you don’t feel out of the loop. Here’s a couple of updates:

  • We know schools are closed right now due to the coronavirus.
  • We’ve learned Kannapolis City Schools are offering students free meals during the mandated school closures.
  • The school district established a “grab & go” student meal service that offers students a free breakfast and lunch at one of five distribution sites
  • If you can’t get there, buses will be delivering meals from noon to 12:30 to several sites.

There is a lot of information out there about what the coronavirus is, how it spreads and how you can avoid getting sick. From the beginning, experts have been saying to wash your hands, stay home if you’re feeling sick, cough into your elbow. But the World Health Organization put together a few mythbusters and we thought we’d share those with you!

Myth #1:

  •  goes back to back to washing your hands… or after you wash your hands. Specifically in public bathrooms… are you using paper towels or hand dryers?
    Honestly…….It doesn’t matter.
  • Despite rumors that hand dryers kill the virus, the WHO says you just need to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water…then dry them thoroughly with either paper towels or the dryers.

Myth #2:

  • spraying yourself with cleaners or bleach will kill the coronavirus.
    That is NOT true.
  • While they may clean the germs off the surfaces you touch everyday…spraying yourself will not kill the virus if it’s already gotten in your body. Instead it can damage your clothes, or even burn your skin. So instead…just wash your hands

Myth #3:

  •  taking a hot bath will kill the coronavirus. Nope…again you have to avoid the virus getting into your body in the first place.
  • So again…that’s handwashing, and not touching your face.


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