Staying Active In Winter

When it’s cold outside, would you rather workout outside or inside?

When the weather is warmer outside it’s easier to get out and be active, but when the temps drop down in the 40s, finding that motivation is a little tougher. Dr. Rebecca Battista is with the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Appalachian State University. She joined us on QC Morning to talk about how you can still stay active in the winter. 

Staying Active Indoors:

  • Use a timer – Dr. Battista says during the pandemic we’ve been sitting on zoom calls or in front of the computer for hours. She says it’s important to set a timer to get up a walk around, just to take a break and get in a little exercise.
  • Find an accountability partner – Dr. Battista says it’s important to have someone hold you accountable. She says it doesn’t even have to be a person, you can download an app on your phone or tablet to help you out.

Staying Active Outdoors:

  • Dress in layers
  • Keep head and ears warm
  • Keep hands/feet warm and dry

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