Legendary soul singer, songwriter Stephanie Mills back in the studio for new album

Singer, songwriter, and Broadway star Stephanie Mills is back making great music. Her new single “Do the Right Thing” is set to be released on Juneteenth. The release date was set on purpose to coincide with the day America celebrates the end of slavery for all Blacks.  Mills believes her new song comes at the right time when many in the Black community are calling for change.

“The message is for us as Black people,” Singer Stephanie Mills said. “To come together and do the right thing – for us not to look for others to help us or to give us a helping hand, we need to help ourselves and that’s the message.”

Mills said she had no intention of going back into the studio but current events and the motivation of a friend are the reasons she is lifting her voice with new music.

“I had to come out with something that was positive for us,” Mills said.  “…Music connects us – love connects us – community connects us and that’s all very, very, very important.”

Mills said she cried and cried watching the news as people marched for racial justice after Black men have died at the hands of police.  She was also saddened by the pandemic and the impact the health crisis had on families.  She is hopeful things will get better sooner rather than later.

“This year has been a long one for people,” she said. “For everyone – so I am glad we are coming out of if. A lot of people have passed away – people in my family – other family members I have known that have passed away – So it’s been tough.”

The songwriter hopes her new music will make a difference and offer hope.  In addition to new music – Mills has also written a book.  It is about being a mother to a son she calls her heart and joy.  He lives with special needs but that doesn’t stop him from being active.  Mills hopes the book will give parents inspiration.

“I’ve had so many people bring their children that had Downs Syndrome to my shows,” Mills said. “And ask – cause he’s so verbal and he’s always on stage with me and everything – How did I do it – so I decided to write a book.”

The book should be released later this summer while the song “Do The Right Thing” will be released in June. The music video will also premiere in June.  Her crew made the video in Uptown Charlotte at the Historic Grace AME Zion Church. Mills said singing the song and making the video felt right to her.

“It’s something that came from my heart,” she said. “And we are putting it out on our own and that’s what I love – it was peaceful – peaceful day it was – just chilled and that’s what I love.”

Mills has lived in the Charlotte area for about 30 years.  She says she loves the area and is ready to remain active and vocal in this next chapter of her life.

“This Stephanie has always been there,” Mills said. “I think this is a more maybe a conscious Stephanie – who wants to really express how she feels about what’s going on in the world – that’s important to me. We live in this world and I have an opinion and I want to talk about it and say it.”