Styles for Smilz provides help to Charlotte women impacted by hair loss

Styles for Smilz is a new initiative that will provide two women in the greater Charlotte area with a hair topper and styling session.

You may be asking what are hair toppers, their benefits and how do they work?

Argentina Harris explained to us on QC@3 that a hair topper is a do-it-yourself application in the comfort of your own home.

  • Custom-fit to cover the specific area
  • Styled to fit the current hairstyle
  • 60-second application with clips, combs or adhesive
  • More styling options for African American women
  • Popular hair loss solutions

To be eligible to participate in Styles for Smilz, interested individuals must:

  • Register at
  • Be local to Charlotte and its surrounding areas, or be willing to travel at their own expense
  • Have partial hair loss that can be covered by the unit (full units are not available)