Summer Camp Fund: How to make your own tie dye t-shirt

Some colored dye and a couple of rubber bands help to create the perfect summer project.

The Summer Camp Fund weekly activities continue and we need you! Help us send local children to summer camps next year by donating any amount.

You never know what Jonathan and the kids from camps across our area will be making every Thursday! This week, it’s all about how to make your own tie-dye t-shirt at home. Special thanks to a few helpful young volunteers from the Mecklenburg 4-H for showing us how it’s done.

The cancellation of many summer camp programs this summer doesn’t mean you can’t turn your backyard into a campground.

While many kids won’t have the opportunity to attend summer camp over the next couple of months due to the pandemic, we don’t want the “cost” of camp to keep them away next summer. And that’s why we need your help. WBTV is proud to announce that we are the Summer Camp Fund’s new media partner. And we want you, our viewers, to make a donation of any amount, so more kids who live in our area can attend summer camp next year.

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