Summer Stem Program For Girls Goes Virtual

Science kits help girls learn more about STEM.

Project Scientist usually helps girls ages 4 to 12 go on expeditions to STEM companies and meet women in the field. Because of COVID-19, the summer programs moved online, but girls can still get hands-on learning with some super cool kits. Brenda Vass, Chief Development Officer at Project Scientist joined us on QC@3 to us all about them. Brenda says like so many other organizations they had to pivot. They couldn’t imagine not serving the girls this summer, as they do every year, so they came up with a different plan. The new program will still have the magic of Project Scientist by giving the girls access to STEM professionals, seeing those different careers, and they’ll also have hands-on science as well. Brenda tells us they’ve created these kits, each one will have an experiment inside. Some of these experiments are focused on DNA, health, viruses, and the body.