New Ballantyne restaurant shows how to make a special sushi roll

There is a new sushi and sashimi spot in Charlotte. Prime Fish is in Ballantyne and located off of Providence Road.

Chef Robin Anthony hopes to bring you flavors you have not tried before. He shared a recipe with QC@3. Check it out!

Prime Fish Roll

Inside: Salmon and Avocado
On top: Seared Salmon,  Spicy Aioli, Dill, Lemon Zest, and Smoked Roe

1. Slice Salmon and Avocado

2. Spread the rice on seaweed paper

3. Sprinkle sesame seeds, and lay down the roll with the rice facing downward on the sushi roller

4. Put Salmon and avocado inside the roll, and then roll it

5. Place 2 pieces of sliced salmon on top of the roll

6. Drizzle with spicy garlic aioli and then torch the salmon

7. Cut the roll

8. Place it on the plate

9. Add dill and smoked roe to each piece

10. Roll is ready to be served.

Ginger and wasabi of course can be added on the side.

Prime Fish Sushi

You can learn more about the restaurant here: