Advice On Taking Care Of The Leaves In Your Yard

This time of year, leaves are falling from the trees into our yards. So, what do you do with them? Debbie Dillion is an agriculture extension agent in Union County. She met up with our Brian Stephenson to share the do’s and don’ts about leaf disposal. 
  • Pile them up on your vegetable garden and by next spring they will have decomposed and will have added a lot of good organic matter to your vegetable garden. You can do the same thing in your ornamental garden.
  • You can bag up the leaves and save them to compost with grass clippings next summer. When you’re composting you need browns which are leaves and you some sort of green which is a nitrogen source.


  • Make sure the leaves stay on your property and don’t spill into the street. If the leaves get into your storm drains, they go directly to our streams which then go to our rivers and eventually into our oceans. This can cause algae blooms and other problems due to the nutrients in the leaves.

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