Technology Showcase to feature student-created robots

Charlotte-area students will be showing off their robotics skills at a STEM and Robotics Showcase this weekend.

The in-person event is set for Saturday, August 14th. Digi-bridge, a non-profit organization in the QC, will be hosting the event with the support of Apparo.

Digi-bridge specializes in bridging the digital divide for students who attend Title I schools

Mariyah Krueger is a student who will be participating in the Robotics Showcase this weekend. She joined the QC team to explain that participants have been taking virtual classes through Digi-bridge throughout the pandemic.

Mariyah is excited to show the world how she put the new knowledge to use by programming a robot.

Benjamin Knudson is a technologist with Apparo, a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits in the Charlotte area work more effectively through technology and business process improvements.

He tells the QC team that the students worked on state-of-the-art technology equipment to produce high-performing robots.