Testing What We Learned in Mr. Russell’s Classroom


We’ve wrapped up our first week in Mr. Russell’s Classroom! Now it’s time to see how much we learned from this week’s lessons. Mary and Kristen both passed…what grade do you get? Check out the full quiz below!


1: In Mr. Russell Classroom’s first class… it was stated this should be found in your child’s home learning environment:

A – Basket of Pencils
B – Snacks
C -Motivating Words
D – B and C
E – All of the Above

2: Family members in the house don’t have to limit their conversation when child is doing remote learning.

A – True
B – False

3: What science word of the day did we learn from J-Stace the Science Ace?

A – Ideal Pressure Law
B – Ideal Temperature Law
C – Ideal Gas Law
D – None of the Above

4: What materials did J-Stace the Science Ace use in his experiment?

A – Boiled egg
B – Lighter
C – Glass bottle
D – All of the above

5: What was the original name of the March on Washington in 1963?

A – March on Washington for a Better Tomorrow
B – March on Washington to End Racism
C – March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
D – March on Washington for Jobs, Justice, and Freedom

6: It was stated in class March on Washington in 1963 is relevant today because:

A – Things can change when people came together in one voice
B – It shows the march made a difference but work still needs to happen
C – Fashion is key
D – A & B

7: Who Told Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. to talk about his Dream at the March on Washington?

A – John Lewis
B – Andrew Young
C – Mahalia Jackson
D – Rosa Parks

Extra Credit: It was stated that Mr. Russell’s Classroom only has these type of people in the room.

A – Slackers
B – Winners
C – Sleepers
D – Millionaires




1: E – all of the above
2: B – false
3: C – Ideal Gas Law
4: D – all of the above
5: C – March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
6: D – A & B
7: C – Mahalia Jackson
Extra Credit: B – winners