The Hope Tank Project

August is Black Philanthropy Month. In honor of that Share Charlotte is highlighting black-owned nonprofit organizations in our area. One of those organizations, Hope Vibes, is working to help the homeless population in the Queen City. Emmanuel and Adrienne Threatt are the founders of Hope Vibes. They joined us on QC Morning to talk more about their mission to help the homeless in our community. Adrienne tells us Hope Vibes is a local nonprofit, created 3 years ago. She says they focus on bringing hope, real solutions, and creative, out of the box thinking to address issues in the homeless community. Emmanuel shares more about their newest project, the hope tank. He says the hope tank is a 24-foot box truck, designed to house two full restrooms with a sink, shower, and toilet. In the back of the truck will be a fully functional laundry center. The purpose of the truck is to allow the homeless community to come in, take a shower, do some laundry. 

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