The List: 4 Local Cookbooks To Check Out

We have been talking about the QC Kitchen app that launched today. As part of that, we thought we’d bring you a special list, 4 local cookbooks to check out. Park Road Books here in Charlotte sent us some recommendations.

  • Stunning Spreads: Easy Entertaining with Cheese, Charcuterie, Fondue, and Other Share Fare by Chrissie Nelson Rotko, Basically, you will learn everything you need to know to impress at your next gathering. It’s 25 dollars.
  • Food Babe Kitchen by Vani Hall: She has a few other books, but this one will bring you more than 100 recipes that are focused on keeping things healthy – and getting you away from processed foods. This one is 30 dollars.
  • 100 Days of Real Food Planner by Lisa Leake: Lisa also has some other books – but this one gives you pull-out, reusable weekly menus. It also hit that “whole food” diet. This one will cost you 20 bucks.
  • Bruce Moffett Cooks by Bruce Moffett: He owns several restaurants in our area, including Stagioni and Barrington’s. You can pick up his book, Bruce Moffett Cooks, for 35 dollars.

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