The List: 4 ways to beat Zoom fatigue

Most of us have a very strong love-hate relationship with things like Zoom or Facetime. Those platforms connect us with people in the world we are living in today, but it can be exhausting. Zoom fatigue is real, and after working from home for a year, it hasn’t gotten any easier. But hopefully, our tips can help! Here are four ways to cope with virtual meeting burnout, thanks to

Four ways to cope with virtual meeting burnout:

  1. Less is more. The best way to help zoom fatigue, less Zoom. Zoom is not always necessary. So if you can call on the phone, or send a quick memo rather than having a complete zoom meeting, everyone on your team will appreciate it.
  2. Look good, feel good! Use the same spot for zoom every time, with a nice background and decent lighting. That way you aren’t constantly trying to figure out the mechanics.
  3. Here is a life hack in the desktop version of zoom. You can set your settings to touch up your appearance. When looking at yourself all day on zoom, you might as well get rid of all your blemishes!
  4. Stop staring at yourself. Once you have reviewed your video set up, hide your own video from your view. That way you can easily focus on what is going on, and not so much on yourself.

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