The List: 5 habits to help your brain stay strong

Looking for ways to sharpen your brain? We’ve got you covered. We got some inspiration from an article written by Thomas Oppong on Let’s get started!

5 habits to help your brain:

  1.  Juggling! A recent study found that learning to juggle helps improve your brain’s visual and motor activity. Juggling can even lead your brain to strengthen its gray matter and build its white matter. Gray matter helps you process information that white matter sends.
  2. You should never go to bed without learning something new. Your brain will benefit from you doing something every day that is unrelated to your daily habits. Activities that involve concentration, like playing a musical instrument, reading, learning a new language, or dancing, are all associated with lowering the risk for dementia.
  3. Sleep and sleep well! If you aren’t sleeping, your brain may be shrinking- not sleeping is linked to decreasing your brain volume. It is essential to sleep because this is how your brain repairs and restores itself. Doctors recommend 7 to 8 hours per night of good sleep – they say it is essential for stimulating new connections and brain growth.
  4.  Stay active! Even if it is just walking. Exercise helps improve your memory, motor skills, and your ability to learn. Getting your body moving increases the hippocampal size and helps nourish your brain with more oxygen. Better yet, exercising also helps improve your mood, sleep and reduces stress.
  5.  Mindfulness is becoming a trend for a reason. Simply being more present throughout your day has proven to help your brain’s function. Mindfulness is not only highly effective in combating stress and improving mental health, but it can also help your memory and slow cognitive decline.

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