The List: Tips For Networking At Home

We have a list to share with you this afternoon, 4 ways to network from home. If you were to guess, how many people are in your network, people you can go to for ideas, expertise, and honest feedback? Fast Company, a business magazine, says you should have 12 to 18 people in your network. So if you have some work to do, this list is for you.

4 Ways To Network From Home:

  • Use work-related interactions to your advantage. Fast Company says you need to present yourself as a person with presence, talent, and warmth every chance you get. That can be through email, a messaging app, by phone, or by video conference. Make sure you periodically keep in touch with people in your network with those tools, as well.
  • Use LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is up-to-date, join groups, and reach out to people whose work you admire or who hold positions you aspire to. Those people might be working from home and could be more welcome for the opportunity of virtual social interaction.
  • Ask someone you know to introduce you.
  • Look into groups. Look to professional associations, alumni groups, service organizations, something you might be slightly connected with and then try to find someone you’re interested in speaking with.

From there, take the initiative to invite them to chat virtually. To make it less awkward, Fast Company says you could ask them for an interview for your blogwebcastpodcast, or something else you might be working on on the side.