How The Pandemic Could Change The Music Industry

Would you watch a concert on a social media site?

We are seeing concerts continue to be canceled. It’s understandable but we know the music industry is losing millions of dollars. Some artists are adapting to stay alive. 

For example, singer-songwriter The Weeknd had planned to perform in Charlotte last month. His tour was canceled, but this Friday he is planning to host a concert on TikTok. He’s not the first to Livestream a concert on the social media site, however, TikTok says he is the first to do a “cross reality experience” where he will be represented by a digital avatar.

Meanwhile, rapper Travis Scott continues to rack up views following his performance on the video game “Fortnite“.
It set records – more than 27 million players from around the world have watched it.

We also have told you about musicians turning to drive-in concerts. So is this the future? Billboard magazine publishes The Hot 100 each week which is the music industry standard record chart. Dave Brooks, Billboard Senior Director of Live Music joined us on QC@3 to talk about the future of the music industry.