The Top 4 Trees To Choose For Christmas

Which do you prefer?

Real tree, Artificial tree, No tree 

When you go shopping, you might be just trying to find one in your price range and that fits your home. But you may also want to think about the TYPE of tree you buy. That info can help you cut down on the mess from the needles and determine how your house will smell. Matt Betz is the Assistant District Manager in Charlotte for The Davey Tree Expert Company. He joined us on QC@3 to talk about the 4 top trees to choose for Christmas. 

Douglas Fir:

  • Not a true fir, but can be found on nearly every tree farm.
  • This tree features dark green or blue-green colored needles.
  • The needles are soft to the touch and it has a sweet scent
  • If you don’t water this tree, the needles will drop off.

Colorado Spruce:

  • This tree has a silvery-blue color and has a symmetrical shape.

Scots and Eastern White Pine:

  • This is the most popular Christmas tree.
  • Scots trees have a long-lasting aroma.
  • White Pine has no fragrance, which is great for sensitive noses.
  • The only issue with the White Pine, the branches may have trouble holding up heavy ornaments.

Firs, including Balsam, Fraser, and Cannan:

  • These trees have sturdy branches that can hold heavier decorations.
  • The needles won’t shed.
  • This fir provides a wonderful Christmas scent throughout the whole house.


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