Throwing A Socially Distance Pizza Party

Tailgating season is in full swing, even though it does look a little different this year. So if you’re looking for some ideas, why not do a socially-distant pizza party? Bill Stayduhar is a Toppers Pizza Franchisee. He joined us on QC Morning to tell us how to make this socially-distant pizza tailgate happen. He also gave Mary and Kristen some pointers on how to make the perfect pizza crust. 

Bill tells us there a couple of ways to throw a socially-distant pizza party. One thing to do is order online and Toppers will deliver a delicious pizza to your home. You can then decide where you want to throw your party, either in the backyard or driveway. Bill also tells us some people buy Topper’s dough and make their own pizza.

One more thing to know, Toppers just launched new vegan menu items.

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