Tips to consider if you’re retiring single

No matter your age, it can be good to consider your retirement plans to make sure you’re prepared. When you are single, there is more to think about, especially for women. 

In 2018:

  • 70 percent of men age 65 and older were married.
  • Only 46 percent of women in that same age range were married.
  • 32 percent of women of older women were widowed.

That’s according to data from the Administration for Community Living.

Meanwhile, older adults who identify as LGBT are twice as likely to be single and live alone. We want to give you tips to plan ahead, even if it’s just in case. Karen Shane is a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Consultant. 

Tips to consider if you’re retiring single:

  • Plan ahead
  • Understand social security benefits
  • Be prepared for the oldest years
  • Plan for change
  • Don’t go it alone

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