U.S. Marine Corps veteran to try to break pushup record

A United States Marine Corps veteran this weekend broke the Guinness World record for most pushups in one hour.
We went out to the gym in Pineville where TShane Johnson was currently training days before the event.
The record for most pushups in one hour is 2,919. He completed 3,050 on Saturday, May 1.
Sounds tough, right? Johnson has broken a world record before.
In 2019, he completed the fastest 1-mile trek, carrying a 100-pound pack, in roughly 13 minutes.
And he’s been training for months to knock this challenge out, which took place at Southpaw Training Center in Pineville.
He also encourages you to help him raise money for the National Purple Heart Honor Mission.
That group is dedicated to helping combat wounded veteran’s with special outreach and programs.