Life Stuff: How to upgrade your shower without any renovations


It’s one of the biggest smallest projects you can do around the house: upgrade your shower by changing out the showerhead. Although the quick switch may seem simple, to some it can be a little intimidating. Our friend Dave Parker with E.R. Services explained a couple of quick tips that will help you change out a showerhead in minutes.

Here are a couple of Life Stuff tips for changing out a showerhead:

Tip #1: Don’t worry about having to turn off the water beforehand

You might think that you have to worry about cutting off the water to your shower before unscrewing the showerhead from the faucet. The good news is that for most faucets you don’t have to do a thing! The water supply doesn’t need to be shut off, just don’t take off the showerhead while you’ve got the water running.

Tip #2: Make sure you have the right tools so you don’t scratch up your new fixture

Dave says a crescent wrench will help out when it comes to making sure your new showerhead is tightened and ready to go.

Upgrading Showerhead
Photo of wrench, Source: Pixabay

Bonus tip!

Apply some new plumber’s tape to the top of the nozzle. When you screw on the new showerhead, the tape will help keep it in place while also preventing any leaks. I found a small roll at Lowe’s for under $2.00.

Plumber's Tape
Applying plumber’s tape to the nozzle, Source: QC Life

Upgrade your shower without having to do any renovations. There’s a project we can get behind!

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