Virtual Holiday Performances

Watch them swing through the air or dance on the ground! The Charlotte Cirque and Dance Center is putting on an amazing holiday performance and you can watch it from your living room.

Clara’s Trip: A Cirque And Dance Nutcracker Story


You may remember they came to our studio last year and performed for us! 👆 Because of the pandemic…this year’s shows are being done virtually. And there’s actually one show in November and a completely different show in December!

Caroline Calouche is the artistic and executive director of Caroline Calough & Company, Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center. She joined us on QC Morning to talk about what you can expect to see in these performances. Caroline tells us her team is always adapting and pivoting. She says 2020 hasn’t been a challenge in that aspect. She tells us the biggest hurdle has been not being able to have shows. Caroline says they came up with an idea to do live virtual performances.

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