We Finally Found The Guys from Charlotte is Creative

We’ve searched high and low all day long for Tim and Matt! Today on QC@3, we finally found them! Let’s go back over the clues one more time, just in case you missed them.

Clue #1:

Clue #2:


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Clue #3:

If you didn’t play along, do have an idea of where they could be? Well…we’re about to tell you!


Tim and Matt were hanging out at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art in South End! The gallery is owned by Sonya Pfeiffer and she is an accomplished criminal defense and civil rights attorney in Charlotte. Tim and Matt tell us art has always been Sonya’s passion. They tell us in 2017, Sonya bought the Elder Gallery and transformed it into the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art!

Listen to Matt and Tim talk about what you can expect to see when you step inside this beautiful gallery!

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