Mr. Russell’s Classroom: You Scream, We Scream For Ice Cream

In Mr. Russell’s Classroom on Monday on QC Morning, Chemistry was the subject.  Chemistry was used to make a treat many people like Ice Cream.  Abi Olukeye, who is CEO of Smart Girls Inc., walked us through how to make ice cream and letting us know how a liquid turned into a solid.  The materials she used were milk, sugar,  vanilla, salt, ice, and ziplock bags. Olukeye said in order to make the ice cream – the ingredients must be shaken for about five minutes.

“Ice cream is made out of fats,” Smart Girls, Inc CEO Abi Olukeye said. “Which we use milk and sugar, ice crystals, and air. So when we’re shaking this, we’re breaking down the ice crystals and we’re allowing more air to come in. The more air the creamier it is. And the more cream you use the creamier does as well.”

Olukeye also talked about the importance of shaking the contents – she calls it emulsifying.

“Emulsion is when small droplets of one liquid spreads into another,” she said. “So what we’re doing is – we’re taking the ice crystals, we’re taking the air, we’re taking the cream and we’re emulsifying.”

Olukeye also breaks down the importance of using salt and ice.

“The last thing that we’re doing is adding that salt to the ice,” she said. “Is slowing down the rates that the ice is actually gonna melt. If we did not add salt, we would have a bag of water pretty quickly, but we need to shake this for five minutes. So what the salt does is it reduces the melting temperature of that ice.”

This could be a good experiment for the kids to do while the adults are busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  This is a good way to feed the family and have a lesson at the same time.

“This is a perfect example of how science is in everything,” Olukeye said. “…We don’t really always think about it. Food science is fun because you can eat your science.”


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