What To Know About Body Neutrality

You might know of body positivity, but have you heard of body neutrality? It’s a growing movement on TikTok. Search the hashtag and you’ll see there are more than 8.9 million views on the videos about it. On Instagram, you’ll see messages like “We don’t have to love our bodies, but we can be grateful for all they do.” So what does that mean? Elaine Jones is a Registered Dietitian and the clinical nutrition manager at Atrium Health University City. She joined us on QC@3 to explain more about body neutrality. Elaine tells us body neutrality really tries to cox the mind and people’s perception away from identifying their self-image and their self-worth with their physical attributes and their physical appearance. She tells us it’s just about loving your body for what it does for you. She says you don’t have to love the way it looks. It’s just finding things about your body and what it does for you that you can celebrate.