Woman creates hand sanitizer based on Turkish tradition

There is a new hand sanitizer business. It is developed in Clover, South Carolina. It’s called KleanYa, a catchy name to honor an old tradition.

Serpil Wilson is a native of Turkey and a medical physicist by training. She developed the concept with her late fiancé Keith Davis as the Covid crisis was mounting. The new hand sanitizer would be light and fragrant, based on the old Turkish tradition of Kolonya. That’s a hospitality greeting whereby the host offers guests a sprinkling of lemon water. With the help of Serpil’s daughter, they developed the name: KleanYa.

Keith and Serpil got to work from their home in Clover, with a family-owned factory on the property. Before they could bring the new hand sanitizer to market and weeks before their wedding, Keith contracted Covid and passed away. Serpil continues in the trenches, bringing Keith’s dream to life.

By December, to commemorate Keith’s birthday, Serpil plans to turn KleanYa into a stand-alone non-profit. She hopes it will benefit families facing a variety of hardships. She wants to keep Keith’s memory alive through giving. 

Find more info: https://www.kleanya.com/


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