Avett Brothers fans: Large Concord mural pays tribute to band

Avett Brothers fans: Large Concord mural pays tribute to band

Scott Avett and Seth Avett, members of the world-famous Avett Brothers, meet millions of fans across the world.

They always say they are from Concord, North Carolina, in Cabarrus County.

The Avett Brothers are proud of their hometown.

Now, visitors can see what they mean to Concord.

People driving into downtown Concord can now see, in bright colors, where they got their start.

Caswell Turner, a local artist and owner of Cicada Studios, designed a large mural on the side of a building along Union Street in downtown Concord.

“I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of times we were standing on stage, in this country or another country, we are the Avett Brothers, we are from Concord, North Carolina,” Seth Avett said. “We thought people ought to know where we are from, but for 20 years, we have known that dynamic is reciprocated, that we represent Concord and Concord represents us. It’s very exciting to see it made official in such a grand way.”

The new visual in downtown Concord stands 30 feet tall and about 40 feet wide.

Turner said the project started three years and five drafts ago.

She designed the mural, had it digitally created, and said heat was used to adhere the vinyl to the building.

“That’s going to make it really durable,” Turner said. “It’s going to last a long time.”

The mural was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday afternoon in Concord.

The Avett Brothers made an appearance to see the artwork firsthand.

Turner told WBTV the Avett Brother’s discology and entire music collection served as inspiration for the mural.

“For Concord and Mount Pleasant locals, the Avett Brothers are everything,” Turner said. “This is just our hearts up on a wall. Everyone who comes by, they are just so excited. Everyone knows who they are. It’s a dream come true.”

The mural is on a building just feet from where the brothers were practicing nearly 20 years ago.

Scott Avett even sold artwork, until he realized his true calling.

“This town has grown with us. We’ve grown with them,” Scott Avett said. “I think there is a kinship to that and a connection to that that we feel we are really part of it. It provides shameless pride when you see that (mural) down here.”

The Avett Brothers grew up in Concord and went to high school at Mount Pleasant High School in Cabarrus County.

For the past 20 years, or so, they have been making music, touring the country, and gaining fans all over the world.

But when it comes down to it, Concord, and Cabarrus County, have always been the place they’ve called home.

“It’s obviously an honor, but there is some validating factor to it,” Seth Avett said. “Twenty years ago, we were playing just a few hundred feet down at the Smelly Cat, and places that aren’t here anymore. All the years since then, all the journeys we made to be able to accept this honor, it is beyond words.”

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