‘Comedians are fourth responders’: Comedian, actor Bob Saget discusses bond with ‘Full House’ cast, podcasts, TikTok and more on QC Morning

Saget, who was also on Full House’s Netflix Sequel “Fuller House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos” was in Charlotte this weekend performing stand-up acts at The Comedy Zone

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - During this long COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hard for many to smile.

For comedian Bob Saget, laughter is the best prescription. So, that’s what he does for a living – touring the country making people laugh.

Saget, who is known mostly as “All-American Dad” Danny Tanner on “Full House,” stopped by the WBTV News station for a guest appearance Friday on QC Morning.

Saget, who was also on Full House’s Netflix Sequel “Fuller House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos” was in Charlotte this weekend performing stand-up acts at The Comedy Zone.

He had two shows on Friday and two more on Saturday.

“You want to make people laugh and that’s one of the best things in the world,” Saget told QC Morning’s Kristen Miranda in the studio.

Saget talked about his new love for TikTok, his 115 Podcasts with various celebrity guests, his friend Norm MacDonald, who recently died of cancer, and his continued relationship with the cast from “Full House.”

“Everybody gets caught up in the celebrity of it all, but the truth is, we are all proud to say we are close, especially when you work with some of them as kids. I love all of them kind of like kids,” Saget said.

Saget told WC Morning he constantly talks with “Full House” stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier.

“I was with John Stamos last month doing an event, and John said, ‘Let’s do a TikTok.’ It took four hours to make us look like we are bringing in an airplane,” he said. “We truly love each other, which is nice.”

He also said he recently spoke with Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle Tanner, in “Full House” about meeting up sometime.

“My oldest daughter was 1 when Ashley (Olsen) and Mary Kate (Olsen) were 2 so they would come over for parties,” Saget added. “I just texted with Ashley last week. We were trying to see each other, but she’s been super busy but they have a great fashion life.”

Saget talked to QC Morning about his career and what keeps him busy.

He hosts a podcast called “Bob Saget is Here for You” which was started after he heard arguing among his audience during a bit.

He has down more than 100 podcasts where he invites celebrity guests to join him.

“I’m just getting started. I have a whole new wave of it that I am excited about,” Saget said.

One of his podcasts was a tribute to his good friend Norm Macdonald, a fellow actor and comedian who died on Sept. 14.

Saget said he met Macdonald in Ottawa, Canada when Macdonald was 17 years old.

“I didn’t know how much I loved him, to be honest with you, and you find that out when you lose someone. Norm and I had a very interesting relationship. He had a voice of his own. He was one of the best standups who ever lived. He was just a really funny man, a very deep-feeling man.”

Saget told QC Morning’s Kristen Miranda that he still loves touring and doing standup comedy.

He said it is a big job to shut out the outside world and provide some laughs.

“I think comedians are fourth responders, I call them. We are needed,” Saget said.

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