Carolina Camera: Tiny wedding chapel along Hwy. 321 now for sale

Carolina Camera: Tiny wedding chapel along Hwy. 321 now for sale

If you are in the market for a tiny wedding chapel that would be perfect for small weddings, then John Carter and the Carolina Camera have just the thing for you.

Along Highway 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock, next to the J&M General Store and Grill, is what used to be known as the Crystal Wedding Chapel.

There was a time when this was a thriving little business, doing weddings on a regular basis.

The chapel is also unique due to its size. It’s rather small, with just a few pews inside. From the looks of it, you couldn’t fit more than a dozen people in here.

That would certainly make for an intimate wedding and that was probably what appealed to a lot of folks.

There is a larger building next to the chapel, which could be used in tandem with any event held in the chapel, such as a wedding reception or some other activity.

Both the chapel and the large building next to it are currently up for sale. As the sign says, it’s a “great business opportunity.”

Built in 1988, the chapel was apparently to be used initially as a memorial of sorts that local churches could use to post their bulletins so that visitors might find a church they’d like to attend.

A local pastor reportedly suggested the chapel be used for weddings and that’s what eventually happened.

In fact, according to one real estate website, they held up to 13 weddings a day in the chapel!

Still, for whatever reason, the folks who ran the weddings later got out of the business and the place is now up for sale.

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