Fall offering fantastic views along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Fall offering fantastic views along the Blue Ridge Parkway

The colors are a bit muted, but the trees are still full and plenty colorful in the lower elevations as you travel Highway 321 into the North Carolina mountains.

And once you’re there – the Blue Ridge Parkway is the place to be.

And even though it was cloudy and overcast, and there was rain at times, there just isn’t a more magnificent site than what you’ll find in the High Country.

Although many of the leaves have fallen from the trees in the higher elevations, there is still plenty of color to be seen.

But as anyone who visits the mountains on a regular basis knows, that could change at any time.

High winds and rain take their toll on the trees.

Still, nature has given us a spectacular show this year, and as far as I’m concerned, nothing can match the splendor of what you see in our mountains.

And then there is this what’s considered an engineering marvel, the Lin Cove Viaduct that hugs the face of Grandfather Mountain.

The 1,243 foot long, concrete segmental bridge opened to traffic in 1983, and it’s one of the most highly photographed spots in the mountains.

It blends in so well with Grandfather that it’s almost as if it’s a part of the mountain itself.

The color that surrounds the viaduct clearly takes center stage at this time of year.

Once you get close to them and you’ll see they are as rich and deep as nature provides, it’s that way all along the Parkway.

Combine the viaduct with all the other incredible sites the Parkway as to offer and you have a show unlike any other.

And while you can see the leaves from inside your car as you drive along the Parkway, if you’re willing to venture out at any of the many overlooks, you can find hidden treasures like this.

So breathe deeply and take it all in while you can: The color show isn’t going to be around much longer.

And know that even these pictures don’t do the colors justice when compared to seeing them in person.

Still, if you can’t go, perhaps this will entice you to start making plans to take in the show next season.

And the best part about? It doesn’t cost a penny to watch.