Charlotte’s creative companies offer art and innovation as a service

Charlotte is home to a lot of things but creativity and innovation may be near the top of the list.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Charlotte is home to a lot of things but creativity and innovation may be near the top of the list. That’s why we’re talking to the leaders of two art-based companies in the Queen City.

As you know, The Savage Way has innovated two amazing ideas which are out-of-the-box creative offerings.

Clean Graffiti is an innovative advertising campaign that uses a specialized stencil and high-pressure water to strategically clean a message onto a dirty sidewalk.

Moss Art is a durable, affordable maintenance-free and responsibly sourced product. Custom artwork specializing in corporate signage, green walls, acoustic panels, pop art and more – all made from preserved moss & plants.

Moss art is what the “Bolts of Inspiration” are made of. They create moss art on substrates made by Charlotte creatives and assembled by hand at their office, with moss placed and shaped painstakingly according to plan.

Moss art can be custom for companies or individuals or you can buy pre-made art.

BOLTGROUP is a design innovation firm dedicated to creating meaningful impact on companies, community, and culture - all through design.

Their firm has four main areas of focus: brand design and communications, product design and engineering, digital design and ui/ux, service and experience design.

Now in their 36th year.

Here’s their “Innovations That Matter” series:

Here’s a recent quote from their CEO, Jamey Boiter:

“From our humble beginnings, we’ve always tried to be part of our community. As the community grew up around us, our ideals of what a design firm should be began to take shape. 35 years later we’re heading to the North End to anchor the new creative community on North Graham Street, moving into a bow truss, mid-century diesel repair shop. It feels like we’re going back to our roots, while continuing to evolve our business to face the future at the same time.”

Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett

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