Using art to make connections, discuss social issues

For many artists, street art has a deeper meaning.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - We always like to show you the latest artwork and talk to local artists.

However, it’s not just about a cool painting or mural. For many artists, street art has a deeper meaning.

At the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, there was a street art frenzy in the Queen City.

One of those street artists is Ricky Singh, who started a mural demonstrating art as common ground. The belief is that the production of art – not just the product – is the great unifier.

QC Life’s Cheryl Brayboy caught up Singh and talked with him about the importance of using art to bring younger generations into the public conversation about race and justice.

He also got Cheryl in on the action, showing her how to bring a concept to life on canvas!

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