Maintaining healthy teeth: Drinking water instead of sports drinks

Sports drinks during the summer months may not be as healthy for your teeth, Dr. Veronica Landers of Oasis Dentistry explains why.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - With temperatures rising, we are all looking for ways to stay hydrated. But which type of drink is best for your teeth? Water or sports drinks?

Dr. Veronica Landers of Oasis Dentistry joins QC Morning to show why sports drinks may not be the best choice for your teeth.

Although sports drinks are full of electrolytes, sports drinks are also full of acid and sugar, which can cause staining on the teeth and impact tooth enamel.

Some alternatives may include coconut water, bananas or nuts.

Dr. Landers recommends brushing your teeth directly after drinking water directly after a sports drink or having anything too sugary.