Getting to know 3 different Charlotte creatives in the new year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Take on a new perspective in the new year and discover a few new artists in the Charlotte area taking their creativity and skills to the next level.

Tim Miner and Matt Olin of Charlotte is Creative stopped by QC@3 to help shine a light, and open our ears, to three creatives you should get to know in 2023.

Getting to know David Jeffers

David Jeffers is a talented sound designer, specializing in sound design for motion graphics projects. He also happens to be a quadriplegic.

Our friends at Charlotte is Creative say that music was always a part of Jeffers’ life and upbringing. After starting a music production company in the 90s and launching an online record label, he would earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in the auto industry for over a decade.

Following a tragic accident in 2011, Jeffers lost all functionality and ability to move his body from the chest down. He would later discover that losing that mobility would heighten how he processed sound significantly.

Jeffers took that new skill and used it as his own “secret tool”, launching a sound design studio called Quadriphonic.

In addition to using audio waves as a form of creativity, he’s also a visual artist.

Coming up on January 15, 2023, you can experience his show called “A Marvelous Black Boy Art Show” at the Charlotte Art League.

Getting to know AKRO and the Luvly Moon

If you know anything about Charlotte, you may know that the Queen City is notorious for beautiful murals on the sides of buildings throughout town.

AKRO and the Luvly Moon are a team of active muralists and visual artists in Charlotte. Individually, their work can be seen across the city.

Now, they’re taking on larger projects.

Recently participating in the Hunnid Dollar Art Dair, the collaborative artists are working to create free community experiences, workshops, and activities for the public to enjoy.

Charlotte is Creative says that AKRO and the MOON is a fully-immersive event, giving the viewer an opportunity to step into and explore art in a unique way.

They do this by using a mix of projection, sculpture, and light. It’s a must-see, fully built-out world that encourages audiences to interact and dive into an experience they won’t forget.

Check out their work at Flux Galleries located at 512 East 15th Street in Charlotte.

Getting to know Asha and Gabriel

Gabriel Mejia-Estrella and Asha Kevonna are a performance duo under the name “Asha & Gabriel.”

Charlotte is Creative says that the musicians met in college through a mutual friend, discovering they both loved playing music and had similar music tastes.

That discovery lead to writing songs together and performing throughout Asheville.

Their genre of music leans towards R&B and Pop, but love listening to and drawing inspiration from all genres of music.

Matt Chandler

Matthew Chandler

Matt Chandler is the Digital Content Manager for WBTV News. Matt is originally from Huntsville, Alabama, and joined the WBTV News team in May of 2017.