Embrace National Hug Day with Charlotte-based nonprofit Hugaroo

The organization delivers stuffed animals to children dealing with illnesses or trauma.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - National Hug Day is coming up this weekend, and one Charlotte-based organization is embracing the love and kindness the day represents.

Roberta Harper and Jennifer Thrasher of Hugaroo joined the show to talk about the meaning behind the work they do.

Hugaroo has grown from its Charlotte roots to five other states in seven different regions, delivering stuffed animals to children who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses or have experienced traumatic events.

If you’re interested in helping deliver the stuffed animals, Hugaroo is searching for volunteers and donors.

To hear more about the organization’s work and how you can support children in need of a ‘hug,’ be sure and watch our full conversation above.

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