New book digs into the ‘MecDec’ mystery

The longtime sportswriter takes a pivot in his new book, “Who’s Your Founding Father?”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - David Fleming is one of the most accomplished writers in the world of sports, having spent three decades at Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, and ESPN.

Yet the Davidson, N.C. resident has been working on a book that is unlike the athletic coverage he’s known for.

After curiosity about the North Carolina state flag prompted Fleming to research some history, he discovered Charlotte had a much larger role in American independence than the public is aware of.

Despite it being acknowledged by 11 U.S. presidents as well as numerous other sources and historians, there is little to no discussion about the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, a precedent to the official declaration that was buried in history.

Fleming covers how he found the truth about the forgotten declaration in his new book, “Who’s Your Founding Father?” which came out on Saturday. The same day is also the anniversary of the MecDec itself and hence MecDec Day.

We sat down with Fleming to discuss his journey into uncovering the hidden story of the MecDec and how he planned to celebrate the day.

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