Practicing spoken word with BreatheINK

Tim Miner brings in BreatheINK to teach QC Life about poetry and spoken word

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Poetry is one of the most emotionally potent forms of art.

While writing is important for poetry, the delivery of a poem is an art too. This is known as spoken word, performing a piece of poetry out loud with different voices and tones.

Terry Creech, founder of SlamCharlotte and BreatheINK, is dedicated to keeping the tradition of spoken word alive in the Queen City. Representing the Cohaire Tribe of North Carolina, the former HBO Def Poet has been a professional poet and poetry coach for over 23 years.

His organization BreatheINK started due to students actively requesting their own poetry organization

Founded in 2013 as a volunteer-led group, the organization gained nonprofit status in 2021.

In spring 2023, BreatheInk held poetry workshops at 18 local middle and high schools, with 82% of students viewing poetry in a positive way after participating in BreatheINK workshops.

Tim Miner with Charlotte is Creative joined QC Life with Terry Creech and Vanessa Hunter, who will be performing spoken word for our QC Life audience.

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