Good food and a good message at Lefler’s Place

It is what’s been added to the menu that got us sniffing out the Carolina Q.

PEE DEE, N.C. (QC Life) - They have been serving up burgers, dogs, and bbq at Lefler’s Place for generations. QC Life’s Brian Stephenson talked with the owners.

“Well, back in 1922 when they started it, they sold food, clothing, it was just general mercantile,” said the owner, Jimmy. “And everybody came here, change the oil, pump gas, they did sandwiches. And over the years, it evolved.”

Evolving into a destination, essentially in the middle of nowhere.

“Well, this is called Pee Dee. You go three miles down the road it’s Mount Gilead. Albemarle is 14 miles, Troy is another 14 miles that direction, so we’re kind of in the middle. Pinehurst is an hour away, Charlotte is an hour away. You have to go out of your way to come here, so you know it must be good.”

Jimmy and his wife Laura bought the place 9 years ago and didn’t change much.

“We still do hamburgers the same way we’ve done them since the 40′s. People drive from all over for the state to eat our hot dogs. It’s crazy.”

It is what’s been added to the menu that got us sniffing out the Carolina Q.

But here’s the twist - all of that - as great as it is - pales in comparison with the real reason the couple bought the place.

“My sole purpose was to buy it as a ministry,” said Jimmy.

“We do a Bible study here every Sunday. Kind of unusual to have a Bible study at a café, but that’s part of the ministry. We do everything we can to help folks in the community and so in return, God has helped us beyond what we can describe.”

His food is for the soul and the belly.

“When I bought it, I wanted to own a place that would be like Mayberry. Everybody would come and gather, tell stories and just be a social place, a gathering place. And that’s what it has turned out to be,” said Jimmy.