Celebrating Meck Dec Day with Charlotte is Creative

Meck Dec Day commemorates the signing of the Mecklenburg Resolves in 1775.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - May 20 is a day known as ‘Meck Dec Day’ in the Queen City, as with good reason.

On this date in 1775, area leaders signed the Mecklenburg Resolves, which essentially made Mecklenburg one of the first places in the colonies to declare its independence from Great Britain.

The colonies as a whole - or what would become the United States - wouldn’t declare independence for more than a year afterward.

The Spirit of Mecklenburg statue, crafted by sculptor Chas Fagan, stands in a fountain near Pearl Street Bridge and Morehead Street in commemoration of the document’s signing.

The fountain in located on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and serves as a centerpiece for the area.

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