Ready Set Travel: Learn tips to travel this autumn

Date flexibility is key to cheaper tickets and scoring fun places.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Wherever you go, Ready Set travel is here is give you your travel needs.

Helena Korszun, a travel consultant with Ready Set Travel, has some steps to all things travel.

" People are traveling, which is awesome,” Korszun says. “They are going to Ashville for the fall. Those date flexibilities are the key.”

Book flights on Tuesday and Wednesday because flight tickets are cheaper. Most people fly domestically from Thursday through Sunday.

Korszun believes that it is a personal choice to choose checked bags and carry-on bags. Please consider the flight carrier you pick. Generally, you can bring a carry-on bag with you, which includes purses. There are weight restrictions to both check bags and carry-ons.

Booking flights can be tricky territory. Korszun follows several booking sites to get deals regularly. It is better to book your flights for the cheapest tickets.

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