Be your best self with Circles Community

A space to unlock your full potential through connection and creativity.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - You have many traits that make you, you. Learn what you are capable of with Circles Community.

It’s human being work,” Jon Davis co-founder of Circles Community, says. “Creating this feeling of courage-building, people having your back, but also discovering a journey of what you’re capable of.”

The company believes that our world needs to best from us. Striving to understand one another exceeds our own expectations.

Circles Community’s core values stem from actively understanding others and self-respect.

1. Look into their eyes

2. I have your back

3. Equity in opportunity

4. Laugh at yourself

5. It’s been an honor

Circles Community offers the catalyst experience, an intimate experience with 12 to14 people and the setting is a gorgeous creative space at The Frame. The experience focuses on you, your connectivity to a new group of people who have your back, and your own creative/meaningful pursuits.

One-on-one catalyst work is offered online as well. You can also sign up for a weekly creative inspiration section letter.

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