Thanksgiving planning with QC Life

Senior Instructor Ashley McGee helps QC Life plan for the holiday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With Thanksgiving around the corner Ashley McGee, Senior Instructor at Johnson & Wales University has a plan to follow to prepare for the holiday.

McGee says the first thing to determine is who is hosting Thanksgiving.

Holiday foods are like a puzzle, so it’s beneficial to create a task list of what food you will need and who is bringing it. What foods can be made that day and what will need to be made ahead of time?

She also suggests thinking about what music should be played and the table setting.

Have a grocery list of basic things you will need, things like butter. Also, remember to think about food allergies.

McGee also says how many people will be in the kitchen who need the oven and how will you keep things warm.

And lastly, delegate: figure out who is cooking and who is cleaning up after.

WBTV Web Staff

WBTV Web Staff

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